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Autograph World is buying autographs!

Why sell to Autograph World, LLC?

  1. We pay competitive prices for all autographs that we purchase.
  2. We will not make an offer unless we are prepared to immediately pay for the items upon our inspection.
  3. We are UACC Registered Dealer RD002. We were given the 2004 UACC Dealer of the Year award. Our integrity and experience is unparalleled.

How long does the process take?

  1. If you email us scans, we will make an offer within 2 business days if we are interested.
  2. Once we receive the items for inspection, we will mail a check immediately.
  3. The entire process could take as little as 72 hours to complete.

What are we buying?

  1. Vintage Hollywood Film stars on photographs, album pages or index cards.
  2. Vintage Music stars on photographs, album pages or index cards.

What are we NOT buying?

  1. Contemporary Hollywood Film or Television stars.
  2. Contemporary Music stars.
  3. Historical Items *
  4. Sports *
  5. Astronauts *

* We may be interested in taking these items on consignment for our Signature Pieces by Autograph World auction.

How To Contact Us

  1. We prefer email. Please send an email with scans of the items you want to sell to . If you have a number of items, please just pick out a sample of the best pieces and send those scans.
  2. Please provide a detailed list of what you want to sell. Make sure you are specific about the size of the pieces, whether they are photographs, pages or cards, indicate if they are personalized (to Fred, to Phil, etc.) and note if there are any flaws (smears, bends, tape marks, etc.). Also include any background information you may have on the origin of the item.
  3. If you do not have the ability to send scans, please send Xerox copies to our corporate headquarters. The address is: Autograph World LLC, 2 Washington Street, Suite 201, Dover, NH 03820.
  4. Do not send items unsolicited. We must authorize the shipment of items before you send them. Unauthorized packages will be refused.
  5. Questions? Call (603) 749-9461 x112 or email .