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When filming the movie, Help in early 1965, the Beatles were in many locations.  There are authentic examples of flight menus and publicity pictures from the Bahamas.  Unfortunately, Neil Aspinall also signed similar items throughout the filming of this movie.

Signed photo of the Beatles in the Bahamas obtained during the filming of Help! Beatles Bahamas Special menu signed during the flight en route to the next location for filming the movie Help! (note the 2-Ts in Beatles with a circle over the second T) Beatles Bahamas photo of John and George signed by Neil Aspinall

During the 1965 United States tour, the Beatles signed for Teen Magazine reporters, disc jockeys and even opening acts.  Contact with fans was becoming more difficult as they were constantly surrounded by security.

Beatles 1965 concert book signed by all four. It is inscribed to Marilyn who was a writer for Datebook Magazine. Beatles 1965 concert book page signed by John Lennon. It is inscribed to Steve who was one of the Discoteque dancers, an opening act for the summer tour.

By 1966, the Beatles were tiring of constant engagements and television appearances.  As they curtailed these events, autographs became nearly impossible to obtain.  Only a handful of signed items have appeared from their final tour in the United States.  It is estimated that less than 10% of all the autographs signed in the United States during the years 1964-1966 are authentic.  Below are pictures of the rare 1966 United States Tour Book that was signed for one of the writers of Datebook Magazine.

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