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James Van Allen autograph

Lot #1028 in Auction #1846, SKU: 0001121410

This item appeared in our autograph auction and bidding has ended.

James Van Allen autograph
(1914-2006) Space physicist. The Van Allen Radiation belts, which are two belts (sometimes considered as a single belt of varying intensity) of radiation outside the earth's atmosphere, extending from c.400 to c.40,000 mi (c.650-c.65,000 km) above the earth, are named after him. This item is a signed 5x7 b/w portrait. , SKU: 0001121410
High Bid: $55.00
# Bids: 2
Bidder Bid Bid Date
10200 $55.00 10/10/2021 12:00:00 PM
30184 $50.00 9/29/2021 9:19:00 PM
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